Lance-AR Augmented Reality Consulting & Services

    If you’re an enterprise who wants to deploy AR to solve a business problem, look to Lance-AR’s expertise to help accelerate your AR journey

    Let's put AR to work for you - with a concrete plan for deployment.

    Don’t know how to get started? Is your ‘innovation’ team is stuck in Pilot Purgatory? Are you live with your 1st AR deployment but can’t deploy at scale?  This is where Lance-AR comes in to deliver core deployment strategies, methodologies, and implementation services that any enterprise solution requires for scaled production deployment. 

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    Learn Where You Sit On The AR Deployment Scale.


    • Determine what AR solutions apply to your business, where your company sits on the Now-Term AR spectrum, and how you can quickly achieve a successful production deployment.
    • Navigate the core AR questions affecting your business, determine how and where to start, deployment strategies, and methodologies for long term continuous innovation as the AR market evolves. 


    • Your teams and pilots are stuck. We dig in with an unbiased assessment of what went wrong, and how to re-align, re-tool, and develop a clear path to production deployment.


    We become an extension of your team from ideation to production. We provide the strategy, implementation services, vendor sourcing, and talent acquisition that ensures success.